Dive into an ocean of wonderful flavors with pearl vodka

If you are an enthusiastic vodka lover that wants your palate to experience fine vodka that is strong and smooth at the same time then you can now dive into an ocean of wonderful flavors with pearl vodka. This premium vodka is specially prepared to pamper the palates of discerning drinkers all over the globe.

The Pearl range of vodkas is now owned by Luxco that is based in St. Louis in the USA and owner of several other brands of alcoholic beverages. The company was originally established in 1958 as a distribution company but has now expanded into production, bottling and marketing of several brands including the award winning pearl brand of vodkas. If you love top quality vodka then you will surely love this brand that is available in original form as well as several other exciting flavors such as plum, pomegranate, coconut, blueberry, cucumber, caramel, citrus, and orange flavors.

The 70 proof or 35 percent strength vodka from pearl vodka is derived from the clear and crisp mountain waters from Canada’s Rocky Mountains. In addition to sugar, other vodka ingredients such as winter wheat sourced from high plains of western Canada are also hand selected for making this premium vodka. This vodka is also produced in smaller batches that can be monitored to ensure that only the best vodka reaches your glass. After successful ethanol fermentation, this vodka is distilled 5 times and filtered 6 times to provide you with high strength vodka that will strongly tickle your taste buds with the very first sip.

The vodkas from pearl vodka are packed in attractive bottles that range from tiny 20ml ones to huge 1.75 liter ones although most of their vodkas are available in the 750ml size bottles. Pearl has also been winning awards and accolades since the year 2001, a year after it entered the market and its original and flavored vodkas have been winning various gold and platinum awards in increasing numbers with each passing year since then. You too can now discover the reasons behind these awards when you open a bottle of this delicious vodka and pour out the chilled contents into your glass.

If you are an avid vodka fan then you would have also realized the importance of good vodka yeast that is required for perfect sugar fermentation. If you also love making vodka right at home then you should certainly opt for hardy yeast from the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast family such as turbo yeast to ensure perfect alcoholic fermentation. This will make your distillation process a lot easier while rewarding you with strong and smooth vodka much like what you would expect from a professional brand such as pearl. Learning more about yeast fermentation and distillation will enable you to appreciate manufacturers such as pearl that take great pains to ensure that each small batch of their vodkas are distilled to perfection.

If you love sipping on the best vodka drinks made by expert and experienced distillers then you should certainly try out excellent original and flavored vodkas made by Luxco. You can locate these wonderful vodkas in several liquor stores as well as select online stores so as to receive your vodka bottles right at your doorstep after you place an online order. Your senses will certainly be transported into an ocean of wonderful flavors when you try out different vodka offerings from pearl vodka.